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Today i saw a very shocking film ((Shawshank Redemption)), andy deeply by the strong conviction in the face of the cruel reality of the spirit is still harbor dreams, as well as superhuman intelligence and wisdom. Reid liked monologue of that sentence: "I had to remind myself that some birds can not be locked up in cages, and their feathers are too beautiful, and when they fly away, you will find them locked up is an appreciation evil. "Yes, that is andy. Sometimes reality is so cruel, bankers andy being wronged killed his wife and his lover. Had been tortured physically and mentally,Prison others were harassed and beaten, and even more painful in the wall's mental torture, as well as the tom know know the truth about the case can not reverse the verdict. But he is still so full of hope. . . . Workers in their fight for the beer, but also an opportunity to fight for their own ---- close to the governor to help him money. The last 20 years through the efforts of the hands of Reid with a buy from a small hammer to dig out of a prison outside the channel. So that it can not think of one. I think magic is more the spirit of andy appeal, he can always practice, he is encouraged by the people around, even for the time being that the spirit of freedom,As he put in the governor's Office of the plate to the music people listen to the same prison, and later released from prison so that the re-Reid to find a life of hope. . . There are even more amazing is the creative director ----- has escaped through a story has brought us so much inspiration and shock. 类似肖申克的救赎的观后感的文章中文翻译在下面 只能找到这样的了 今天看了一部很震撼的电影((肖申克的救赎)),深深地被andy的坚定不移的信念、面对残酷现实依然心怀 梦想的精神以及超人的聪明才智。

很喜欢瑞德独白的那句话:“我不得不提醒自己有些鸟是不能关在笼子里的,它们的羽毛太漂亮了,当它们飞走的时候,你会觉得把它们关起来欣赏是种罪恶。”是的说的就是andy.有时候现实就是那么残酷,银行家andy被冤枉杀死了他的老婆及其情人。身心受尽折磨,被监狱里其他人的骚扰和殴打,而更痛苦的是在高墙里的精神折磨,以及知道tom知道自己的案件的真相却不能翻案。但是他依然是那么充满希望。为工友争取啤酒,也为自己争取到了机会----接近典狱长帮他洗黑钱。最后通过20年的努力用一把从瑞德手中买来的小锤子挖出一条通向狱外的通道。令谁也想不到。我觉得更神奇的是andy的精神号召力,他的做法总是能给他周围的人一点鼓舞,哪怕是暂时的一点精神自由,像他在典狱长 的办公室放音乐碟子给监狱的人听一样,以及后来让出狱的瑞德重新找到生活的希望。


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